No Woman is an Island: Inspiring and Empowering International Women

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No Woman is an Island: Inspiring and Empowering International Women

Vine Leaves Press
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Blood Rose Angel, by Liza Perrat

1348, France. A bone-sculpted angel and the woman who wears it--heretic, Devil's servant, saint.

Despite her bastardy, Héloïse has earned respect in the French village of Lucie-sur-Vionne for her midwifery and healing skills. Then the Black Death sweeps into France.

Hidden, by Linda Gillard

A birth. A death. Hidden for a hundred years.

1917."Lady, fiancé killed, will gladly marry officer totally blinded or otherwise incapacitated by the war." When Miranda Norton inherits Myddleton Mote and its art collection she is haunted by the dark secrets of a woman imprisoned in a reckless marriage.

The Chase, by Lorna Fergusson

The past will hunt you down.

Gerald Feldwick tells his wife Netty that in France they can put the past behind them. Alone in an old house, deep in the woods of the Dordogne, Netty is not so sure.

Netty is right.

The Chalky Sea, by Clare Flynn

July 1940. When bombs fall, the world changes for two troubled people.

Gwen knows her husband might die in the field but thought her sleepy English seaside town was safe. Amid horror and loss, she meets Jim Armstrong, a soldier far from the cosy life of his Ontario farm. Can war also bring salvation?

Coffee and Vodka, by Helena Halme

Eeva doesn't want to remember, but in Finland she must face her past.

'In Stockholm, everything is bigger and better.' Her Pappa's hopes for a better life in another country adjust to the harsh reality but one night, Eeva's world falls apart. Thirty years later, Eeva needs to know what happened.

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